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Medical Matters

In view of the fact that mistakes made in giving children medicine may have serious consequences, parents should be aware of the following procedures in academy.

Under no circumstances should children bring non-prescription medicines to the academy (those bought over the counter at the chemist). When doctors prescribe medicines they should be asked if it is possible for the correct dosages to be arranged so that it is unnecessary for the medicine to be taken during academy hours. If this is not possible, parents should arrange to come into the academy at lunchtime to give their child the correct dose.

Only in very exceptional circumstances will the academy be prepared to administer medicines. In such cases parents should discuss this with a member of the office staff who may need to seek further advice (you will be asked to complete a form accepting full responsibility).

If your child suffers from asthma please ensure that your child has an inhaler in the academy at all times. All inhalers must be clearly labelled with your child’s name and the correct dosage.

Children should only be at the academy if they are well. We often get requests for children to be allowed to stay in at lunchtimes and breaktimes because they are unwell. We are unable to accommodate this unless it is accompanied by a doctor’s letter stating that this is necessary.

If a child arrives with medicine without prior discussions by parents, we are sorry but we cannot allow the medicine to be taken and will not be responsible for any ill effects that this may have.

Medical Appointments

Children are not allowed to leave the academy during normal hours unless collected by a parent or other responsible adult. A letter giving authority for another adult to collect your child is required. Please collect all children from the main office. It is helpful to the academy if we receive advance notice of any medical appointments.

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