School Uniform

We are very proud of our academy and request that children wear full uniform.

Our  uniform policy has been incredibly successful for a number of reasons.

All of the children look the same and this reduces anxiety over looking fashionable. Children are, therefore, able to concentrate on their learning. All available evidence supports the view that children achieve better where uniform is a requirement.

In addition, when all of the children are wearing the same clothes, it is much easier to spot someone who shouldn’t be there. As such, it is much easier to keep the children safe at playtime and while they are out on academy trips.


  • Navy cardigan or jumper (available to buy from local stores (e.g. Asda) or to order from Lollipops store with the Brambles Primary Academy logo).
  • Plain pale blue shirt, blouse or polo shirt (available to buy from local stores (e.g. Tesco) , the Academy office, or to order from Lollipops store with the Brambles Primary Academy logo).
  • Black or grey trousers/skirt/pinafore (no jogging bottoms, leggings or jeans).
  • Plain ankle or knee-high socks or plain tights (no bright colours).
  • Blue and white striped or checked summer dresses may be worn in the summer (following the February half-term until the October half-term).
  • Black or grey shorts in summer for boys and girls. No cycling shorts, cut-offs, leggings or long, baggy Bermuda style shorts please.
  • Hair accessories should be academy colours and an appropriate size.


  • Flat, black school shoes.
  • Close fitting black ankle boots may be worn, but no Ugg style or mid to knee high fashion boots are permitted.
  • If children wish to play football on the field at breaktime/lunchtime they must bring a change of footwear.
  • Many of our children have started to wear plimsolls in the academy. They can be purchased for less than £3 in many local shops and from the academy office.
  • In the summer, children may wear flat supportive sandals (black, white or navy blue) with socks. Please ensure that they are suitable for the academy.
  • If you are unsure please contact the academy before making a purchase; we are more than happy to help.

PE Kit

All children need a change of clothing for PE lessons. This should consist of:

  • Navy shorts/ tracksuit bottoms
  • White T-shirt
  • Plimsolls/trainers for outdoor
  • Tracksuit or warm sweatshirt – for outdoor P.E. in cold weather. If possible we do like the children to wear a white top and navy bottoms.
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