Character education and our core values are part of the rich culture we have developed at Brambles and is visible across the academy. Our weekly assemblies reflect our core values and the placement of these within the wider development of British Values alongside our offer of celebrations and reflections from around the world.

Children receive rewards each week based on their representation and application of the core values and how they have shown the behaviour traits within their learning and wider life within the academy.

The core values are celebrated throughout our social media to show the wide breadth of opportunities our children have to immerse the core values within their learning.

Our home school agreement includes a contract between children, parents and staff to represent and model these core values as well as be given opportunities to apply them in practice. This is a key factor within the relationships and community built within the academy. Staff and pupils act as role models for core values and the behaviour policy and rewards system is explicitly linked to kindness, resilience, respect and teamwork.

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