Good attendance and punctuality will have a positive impact on your child’s future life chances. Nationally good attendance is 94% but at Brambles Primary Academy we strive for better and our vision and therefore relentless focus reflect our desire to promote high levels of attendance for all pupils. As an academy we offer a range of services to support with pupil attendance: Breakfast Club runs for free from 8am each day (speak to the Ms Walker for further information) and staff are visible and welcoming on all entrances when the doors open at 8.30am. Further, childen and parents are able to see interactive attendance displays around the academy whilst our weekly attendance and highest attending class are celebrated on social media and the website home page. Children receive Dojo points from their class teacher for each day attended and these can be traded in for rewards based on the number of points received. Each term those children with 100% attendance receive an additional reward which has ranged from cinema visits to picnics and movie afternoons.

We ask all parents/carers to support their child and us by agreeing to the following:

As parent/carer, I support the academy with the expectations of good attendance because I understand that good attendance is important for my child’s future life chances.

I agree to:

  • Bring my child to school every day on time.
  • Telephone school by 9am every day that my child will be absent. 
  • Make dentist/doctors appointments, where possible, outside of school hours. If during school hours, after 2pm.
  • Provide evidence for all medical appointments during the school day. This could be appointment text, card or letter.
  • Complete a Leave of Absence form for all planned days off school such as holidays, funerals, sporting events etc (available from website and school office).

Children can attend the academy with most minor ailments and if they become too unwell, the academy will contact you.

Being late to the academy can result in your child falling behind especially as they do the same lesson each morning meaning they miss the same lesson each time they are late. This not only implicates their education but can affect their well-being. Walking late into a busy classroom could be uncomfortable for some children.

If parents/carers have any questions about attendance or would like support with their child’s good attendance, please speak to your child’s class teacher, our Senior Attendance Champion: Miss Beever (Acting Deputy Head Teacher and Attendance Lead) or Mrs Gill (Pastoral Lead).


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