What is Character Education at Brambles?

At Brambles Primary Academy we aim to foster a love of lifelong learning and develop each child’s character in order to give children the skills and resilience to think and learn for themselves regardless of socio-economic background, as well as encounters and experiences, in which to apply their learning, that allow them to realise his or her full academic, social, and cultural potential.

Character development is at the heart of all we do at Brambles, and is primarily taught through our four core values:

Core ValuesCharacter Behaviour traits
KindnessJust (fair); compassionate (forgiveness); kind; courteous; unselfishness  
ResilienceDetermined; self-controlled; persistent; courageous; diligent; perseveres  
RespectKind; courteous; polite; empathy; compassionate; self-aware
TeamworkCooperates; responsible; cares; decision makes; helpful; unity  

These core values are weaved into all aspects of academy life as well as providing a golden thread through areas of our curriculum. In addition, experiences and encounters provide children opportunities to apply learning and core values to explore their own impact on their local as well as the wider community.

Based on the three tenets of Character Caught, Taught and Sought, we have mapped what our character education offer entails.

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