Academy Policies

Accessibility Plan 2021 - 2024
Anti Bullying Policy
Behaviour Policy
Blended Learning Remote Provision Policy
Child Protection Policy 2021-22
Children Missing in Education
Complaints Policy
EYFS Policy
Graduated Response TVE
HR Policies Handbook
Online Safety Policy
Peer on Peer / Child on Child abuse
Physical Health and Mental Wellbeing
Positive Handling Policy
Privacy notice for Members, Trustees & LAC's
Privacy notice for school workforce
Publication Scheme
Pupil Attendance Policy
Pupils & Parents Privacy Policy
Recording Trust Board Meetings Procedure
Relationships Education Policy
Risk Assessment Policy
SEND Policy
Single Central Record Policy
Transfer of Child Protection
Trust Admissions Policy 2020 - 2021
Trust Admissions Policy 2021 - 2022
Weapons policy
Whistleblowing Policy
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